Happyland gummy bears

Created by ScaryKid, HappyLand is a collection of 9,600 unique Gummy Bear NFT's.
Although beaten by real life, adopt a Gummy Bear and join a community focused on resilience, stoicism, positivity and doing good in the world.
Snag one off secondary!

About Our Community

The Gummy Bears and their traits represent the sense of hardships all of us face in life at one point or another while the bears' faces show a sign of hope, stoicism and resilience. There is the good and bad, ultimately making us who we are.

HappyLand is about the progress we can make towards joy, happiness and becoming more resilient to this life, whether it takes days, a few weeks or years from now. This community is a shared group of having those connected weaknesses with each other while extending compassion and meekness to others.

Bears are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

One Price

Shucks, we were going to price for .06 ETH but 0.00 ETH/bear + Gas sounded better.

100% Custody

Full Usage & Commercial Rights of Gummy Bear NFT Art. Includes derivative variations.

20 dens

Our largest den ranks at 960 Bears and our scarcest crew comes in tiny but mighty at 50. Choose your family wisely.

130+ traits

Most traits showcase affliction and pain while the Gummy Bears display composure and strength.


Our secondary market has done almost $4 million in its first month since launching.

We support

11.67 ETH has been donated to Mental Health America, Crisis Text Line, Last Door, and charity: water voted on by the community.

Bear dens

Choose 1 of 20 bear dens, each unique and with their own community lore

world of happyland

Created by

Scary Kid

Twit: @dontfeedthesk
"Don't worry, it's jam"


Twit: @Kira_NFT
"I've had worse."


IG: @deutschlaind
"Life is beautiful!"


"It will buff out"


Twit: @raadoteth
"I snooze NFTs"

Our declaration

HappyLand Bears adopt the web3 ethos of love, innovation, and nostalgia.

No roadmap is better than faking a roadmap.

Bear holders are here for their friends, family and community. we love the underdog, we love the weak, but we love the arrogant and the prideful with no judgement. We are meek and ultimately love everyone.

Floor Price is irrelevant but the lower priced a bear is, "Great! Entry to hold a bear is dope!", if the price rises, "So awesome! liquidate if you want and change your life a smidge!", We are happy with opposition since the journey isn't finished yet. That being said, HappyLand is not an investment.

We want to help others, we want to build with others, and better others while bettering ourselves a little each day. ScaryKid doesn't promise the moon but does promise to continually create this little world we can call home.

Welcome to HappyLand <3


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