What is Happyland?

Happyland is a NFT community focused on improving the wellness of its members.

We host regular discussions ranging from crypto to nutrition to mental health & more.

Come in curious, and leave a bit more resilient, positive, and knowledgeable.

Check into our Discord - No purchases necessary.

Our Community Powers the Brand IP

Spreading positivity through humor, and clowning around: our community produces a weekly comic for everyone's entertainment.

Our comics so far: @happylandgummybear

The art and story are crowdsourced from the community.

Production of a YouTube animated series on the roadmap.

Join our Discord to write our story.

NFT Holder Benefits

We are building Happyland together now. We are always recruiting new colonists to our bear dens.

Inner Den membership within our community.

Holder events and giveaways.

Access to our library of community produced content on Crypto, NFT, and Personal Wellness.

A stake in the growing value of our brand IP.

Discounted fees on Cryptospace Exchange.

Discounted Fees on physical wellness packages from Refined Muscles.

Our Condensed Roadmap

This condensed roadmap is a utility-first look on what our current roadmap aims to provide to our community members. The full roadmap will showcase organizational objectives as well as Community Building efforts not highlighted here.


Near Term

Last Updated: 12/15/21

Focused on building brand presence while growing our NFT community by pushing utility/benefits for members.

Crowdsource Comic

Crypto/NFT Education

Nutritional Health Seminars

Physical Health Seminars


Mid Term

Last Updated: 12/15/21

Focused on forming partnerships with businesses and creating a renewable income source to fund the expansion of community objectives.

Production of Animated YouTube Content

Development of Den Group Partnerships

Open the Merch Store

Second Community Art Air Drop


Long Term

Last Updated: 12/15/21

Development of our brand IP into the metaverse space as well as provide additional partnership utility specific to bear den attributes of our NFTs.

Development of Bear Den Content

Development of Bear Den Partnerships

3D Bears NFT Drop

Sandbox Land Development


We are blockchain agnostic. Our original collection of NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain while our secondary releases are on Polygon. We will move the project to where it benefits our project and our holders the most.


Full ownership of Usage & Commercial Rights of your Gummy Bear. Includes derivative variations.

20 Dens

Our largest den ranks at 960 Bears and our scarcest crew comes in tiny but mighty at 50

130+ Traits

Most traits showcase affliction and pain while the Gummy Bears display composure and strength.

Secondary NFTs

We produce community art that are released through the blockchain to our members through airdrops.*

View Our Original Collection

View Our Derivative Work

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