Happyland gummy bears

HappyLand is a collection of 9,600 unique Gummy Bear NFT's waiting for adoption. Adopting a Gummy Bear grants membership to a community focused on resilience, stoicism and positivity.
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About Our Community

We don't wish to compete with any of the incredible communities already established, such as the OG Cryptopunks, BAYC, VeeFriends, Cool Cats, etc. We're building another appendage of positivity and strength for the NFT Community while spreading awareness of Blockchain to the world. Plus, we're going to have some fun.
Bears are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

One Price

Each Gummy Bear adoption is priced at 0.00 ETH + Gas

100% Custody

Full ownership of Usage & Commercial Rights of Gummy Bear. Includes derivative variations.


Gummy Bear holders will have a major say in the future of HappyLand.

20 dens

Our largest den ranks at 960 Bears and our scarcest crew comes in tiny but mighty at 50.

130+ traits

Most traits showcase affliction and pain while the Gummy Bears display composure and strength.

9,600 bears

With 9,600 Gummy Bears, each one is unique and created to be as such.

Bear dens

20 Unique Dens with Varying Populations. Learn their stories below.

world of happyland

Meet the team


"I snooze NFTs"


"Life is beautiful!"


"I've had worse."

Scary Kid

"Don't worry, it's jam"


"It will buff out"


We've teamed up and partnered with one of our greatest supporters, CryptoSpace.com, a Crypto Exchange Service to bring value to our bear holders:

1. 20% off all exchange fees for any HLGB NFT holder.
2. 50% off exchange fees for all blood den bear holders.
3. Den Leaders have 100% off exchange fees.
Learn more about our Partnership below
Crypto SPace Website


Our Secondary Market Roadmap is driven to provide a long-term plan to HappyLand. The Ethereum amounts stated below are of a "total" accruement on Secondary Markets, not separate.
0 ETH Traded on Opensea
100 ETH Traded on Opensea
500 ETH Traded on Opensea
1000 ETH Traded on Opensea
2,500 ETH Traded on Opensea
5,000 ETH Traded on Opensea
10,000 ETH Traded on Opensea


What are HappyLand Gummy Bears?
Why hurt Gummy Bears?
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What is a Gummy Bear Den?
How tribalistic are these Dens?
What can my Gummy Bear do?