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Amethyst Caves

"North of the Gunmetal District is a sparkling purple den inhabited by 600 bears. They are a family that rarely steps out of their territory and believes in balance. An Amethyst Bear knows that they need to take care of themselves before they take care of others. When the first purple bear discovered the Amethyst Caves, he basked in the transformative glow of the sparkling crystals. There, he learned that, while we all suffer from the stress of life, we can find comfort in truth and rationality. As the bear had children, he passed on his knowledge and encouraged them to stimulate their imaginations. Rationality leans on facts, and dreams can bring progress to all of bear-kind. While many people associate purple with royalty and financial wealth, the bears know that they are the wealthiest when their world is balanced. A balanced bear is a happy bear. "