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Aquan Gulf

"The Aqua Bears fled to the border edges of HappyLand when rumors spread that the Ember Bears threatened to trigger their great volcano. As lovers of water, these cool blue bears feared the heat of the lava and escaped to the southern islands in the Aquan Gulf. This den relaxes on sugary sand shores, soaking up peace and tranquility from the sun-sparkled waves. Emotionally conscious, Aqua Bears thrive in an environment where their creativity can shine. Whenever able, Aqua Bears apply these skills to gift-making and giving, fulfilling their desire to ensure their family is happy. Splashing through the water with their friends brings them a sense of community and contributes to their active lifestyle. When times get tough, Aqua Bears rely on their level-headedness and are happiest when they know their loved ones are safe. This creates a bond letting the bears know they are safe. Aqua Bears look out for one another."