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Bubblegum Fields

“The pink Bubblegum Fields are home to 801 Bubblegum Bears, a vibrant community that finds comfort in humor. They frolic and race through the knee-high bubblegum plants, picking the chewy fruit that adds fun and safety to their lives. When a Bubblegum Bear feels low, he knows a walk through the fields with his friends will lift his spirits. The fruit of the bubblegum plant is firm, creating hours of delicious fun to distract from daily stressors. It also acts as a means of protection for this den. Because the fields are low in elevation, there are few means for keeping watch. These bears blow giant, rosy bubbles that lift them into the sky. Floating above their lush home, they keep a watchful eye for other bears trying to cross their fields. Bubblegum Bears won’t likely attack an intruder, but they will watch them from the skies. If a foreign bear crosses too close to their homes, they make tremendous noise by popping their bubblegum on the ground. This frightens intruders, but the Bubblegum Bears laugh. These Bears are as harmless as their candy of choice.”