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Candy Jade Palace

“Before the tribalistic nature of each bear den created isolation in HappyLand, the Candy Jade Bears were financial gurus. The Candy Jade they mined was the perfect currency in the old world and brought these bears much luck. But their focus on finance created a distrust of outside bears, bringing them closer as a community. One thousand years ago, rumors spread that the GunMetal Bears wanted to overtake their Candy Jade Palace. This created much anxiety for the Candy Jade Bears, and they locked themselves within their palace walls. Over time the candy jade lost value but remained a source of food for many bear dens. Despite keeping their jade close and their family closer, these bears are not greedy. They appreciate the need for their goods across HappyLand. Though they may be fearful, they trade with other bear dens, receiving beans from the Coffee Hills and plants from the Bubblegum Fields. Candy Jade Bears then quickly retreat to their palace, where their 800 member community consider themselves quite lucky to have family and wealth.”