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Cheddar Valley

"Isolated amongst precariously stacked cheese formations, these Cheddar Bears dominate the Cheddar Valley. These bears enjoy the decadent things in life, like heavy foods topped with their sharp beloved cheese. Cheddar Bears help each other repair their giant cheese formations as they play a valuable role in their day-to-day lives. They do not have intruders often, but members of other bear dens sometimes cross into their territory in attempts to steal their rare cheese. A Cheddar Bear can spot an intruder from miles away when atop their cheese towers. When the long day is done, these bears nibble huge holes into the naturally occurring cheese. With a full belly, they crawl into these holes and grant themselves a relaxing nap. In the evenings, this community meets for a nightly feast, during which they vent their frustrations to one another and indulge in decadent dishes. Occasionally, they will trade cheese for bubblegum plants and satisfy their “sweet tooths”. A Cheddar Bear appreciates the comfort of a good meal and what supportive family can provide."