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Diamond Flats

“Over the last one thousand years, the HappyLand bear dens have become increasingly isolated due to tribalistic tendencies. Keeping a watchful eye over their lands and trading with other dens makes it easy for bears to identify most other groups. The Diamond Bears are a different story. Even before the great Battle of Cotton Candy Desolation, the 50 Diamond Bears were seen as strange and reclusive. They watched the battle out of curiosity and were attacked by Ember Bears, who, despite their legendary strength, could not pierce their precious gem surface. Realizing they had no place in this battle, the Diamond Bears disappeared into the Diamond Flats. Some believe that they fled HappyLand. Others say they never existed in the first place. Most choose to think that the ethereal Diamond Bears still live out on the Flats. But no bear dares to search for them, because those who have tried have slipped on the land’s polished surface and fallen on their gummy behinds.”