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Ember Volcano

"The most misunderstood of the dens, 600 Ember Bears surround the Ember Volcano. Most of HappyLand stays away from this area, fearing their gummy bodies will melt. The Ember Bears are thought to be immune to the volcano's heat, making other bears fear their indestructibility. Though Ember Bears are hearty, they are not as indestructible as one might think. The molten lava that oozes from their volcano is actually warm gooey caramel. These bears are not immune to heat more than any other, but they don't correct the myths. If other dens fear them and the supposed heat of the mountain, they can never steal their source of delicious candy. Despite the mistruths of their lore, the Ember Bears often inhale the smoke from the mountains, which does strengthen them. This came to their aid in the Battle of Cotton Candy Desolation, but that was a long time ago. Now they use this strength to wrestle and play with their fellow den members. This tires out this candy-fueled den, the members of which lapse into long fits of hibernation."