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Golden Cliffs

"Ever watchful, 79 bears thrive amongst the Golden Cliffs. Gold Bears are scholars that have observed the bear dens over thousands of years, tracking the successes, mistakes, and lessons of HappyLand. One might think they are the wealthiest of bears, but gold is not a valuable currency in HappyLand as it does not contain sugar. Gold Bears revere this metal because the more it is heated, the purer it becomes. Burrowed in their gilded cliffs, Gold Bears find peace in education. The more they learn from history, the more they realize they know nothing. They surrender to the notion that all living things are flawed, and that is okay. As this den recorded the history of their land, they learned that difficult times strengthen us and that inner peace is possible with patience and a receptive heart. This is the wish Gold Bears have for all of HappyLand."