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Gunmetal District

“As smoke rises high above the imposing gray factory, 650 Gunmetal Bears labor day and night. Most bear dens are hard-working, but these bears never seem to rest. Despite their efforts a product is never seen. This leaves the rest of HappyLand dying to know, what are they building in there? Gunmetal Bears never shirk away from responsibility. They believe that a hard day’s work is the greatest blessing one can grant themself as it leads to a sense of personal satisfaction and a good night’s sleep. Although they may have trouble admitting it, they also focus on work to stave away anxiety. It is often assumed that these bears created weapons used in the Battle of Cotton Candy Desolation. But Golden Bears have no recorded history of such weapons, leaving others curious what goal Gunmetal Bears could be slaving so tirelessly towards. Perhaps these bears are not making anything in particular but working for the sake of self-fulfillment. This industriousness continues to inspire other dens throughout HappyLand.”