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Coffee Hills

“Coffee Bears never sit still. These bears thrive on the bitter beans that cover the Coffee Hills and use caffeine to power them through the day. Each of the 500 bears feels a great sense of responsibility for their den and works hard to ensure everyone feels safe, secure, and loved. With a caffeine fix, they harvest beans from the Coffee Hills. Though this takes most of the day, they don’t stop there. With another cup of coffee, they meticulously clean their homes and care for their cubs. When the caffeine wears off, the bears are known for crashing hard. It is said that each hill is a great Coffee Bear that dropped to the ground and fell asleep. There they must rest until the day all of HappyLand is united. The Coffee Bears are unsure if they want unity, as outsiders only increase their anxiety. This makes them crave a comforting cup of joe, which worsens the cycle. All a Coffee Bear wants is to provide for and spend time with their family.”