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Honey Plains

“The lush Honey Plains buzz with bees and is home to the Honey Bears. This three hundred-member den is connected to the earth and rejects the industrial nature of other groups. Their love for the land is profound, and they pride themselves on living off the grid. A Honey Bear starts the day with the sunrise. They feast on raw honey as it is harvested, working in harmony with the bees that build hives on the plains. Often, they eat half of the harvest before it can be bottled. Members of the Honey Bear den do not think of their duties as work. They think of the stickiness as a gift, the occasional bee sting as a minor inconvenience, and the honey gathered from their labor as the ultimate reward. Even though they do not view their responsibilities as work, they greatly enjoy their free time. Honey Bears are often found racing through the plains, climbing the scattered trees, and helping injured bees back to their hives. Any moment in nature brings Honey Bears joy.”