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Hyacinth Marshes

​​"The fragrance of the Hyacinth marshes can be smelled from miles around its border, and the flowers that produce this soothing scent are maintained by the Hyacinth Bears. The largest den in HappyLand, 960 bears spend their days gardening and pampering their gummy bodies. The Hyacinth Bears are known for their beauty products concocted from their abundant and beloved botanicals. Blue hyacinths provide strength to their skin, purple calms irritation, and red gives nourishment. These bears take this indulgence as seriously as their gardening. It is a common misconception that Hyacinth Bears are vain. Rather, they value self-care. Spending their days working under the sun not only causes wrinkles but stress to the mind. Having a facial or a massage to look forward to makes the days go faster and give these hard workers something to look forward to. It doesn’t hurt that when a Hyacinth Bear looks their best, they feel confident and ready to take on the world."