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Iron Tundra

“The 520 bears of the Iron Tundra live in caves hidden in the crevices of the mountains. One might assume that this is where they hibernate to avoid the freeze, but Iron Bears are tough enough to stand extreme cold and heat. Over a thousand years ago, rumors spread that the Iron Bears planned to climb the Ember Volcano to steal the strength-giving smoke of the Ember Bears. This is one of many factors that triggered the Battle of Cotton Candy Desolation. In truth, the Iron Bears longed to climb the Obsidian Mountains in search of Nirva, the legendary land of enlightenment. Iron Bears are hardworking in every facet of their lives. Their desire to discover the unknown matches their will to provide, which is done by mining iron to trade for candy jade or bubblegum plants. They are undeterred by the cold weather and, if they wanted, could likely handle the supposed heat of the Ember Volcano. Dozens of generations have passed since the Battle of Cotton Candy Desolation, and still, the Iron Bears yearn for the discovery of Nirva.”