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Obsidian Mountain

"From Obsidian Mountain, these HappyLand Bears may seem intimidating with their hard, inky coat, but inside, they’re softies. The Obsidian Bears are said to have emerged from the earth as molten lava and cooled into their black, reflective form. This den keeps to itself high in the Obsidian Mountains, which legend claims used to be close to Rainbow Cloud City (Nirva). Their isolation may seem cold or unfeeling, but it is due to the deep love for their community of 300 shining black bears. Obsidian Bears are fierce protectors, bouncing negativity away from younger cubs and encouraging them to reflect in the mirror-like surfaces of the glinting mountains. Self-reflection helps the bears learn about themselves so they can best protect their inner gentleness from the world’s struggles. Obsidian Bears teach us that it’s okay to be sensitive and set boundaries. That way, their family can work together with respect and harmony."