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Pearl Cove

“The sun gleams off the waters of Pearl Cove, the glittering light amplified by the naturally occurring pearls that lay beneath the surface. The spirit of the first Pearl Bear inhabits the waterfront cave, and each tear he cries into the water results in an incandescent pearl. Pearl Bears are a rather sensitive bunch. Only 250 reside a short distance from Aqua Bear territory. Their neighbors are passive and respect the emotional space Pearl Bears require. Pearl Bear tears flow steadily down their white gummy faces, unlike in other communities, and smiles and shows of appreciation are normal. Each Pearl Bears respects their personal perspective as well as the emotions of others. As a result, voices are rarely raised. Neighboring bears will trade for the pearls growing in the cove. Pearl Bears are treated with great respect during trades because other bears don’t want to upset them. While each den has its roundabout approach to managing stress, Pearl Bears are not ashamed of their raw emotions and respect anyone brave enough to show them.”