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Rainbow Cloud City

“Every gummy bear den in HappyLand is faced with their unique struggles and triumphs and collectively learns to manage them. Still, each group is restricted by the confines they place on their day-to-day life. Legend has it that only fifty bears learned to overcome these boundaries and transcended to the Rainbow Cloud City of Nirva. Rainbow Bears are said to be joyous and exuberant. So great is their exaltation that if a HappyLand bear were to spy one, they would be overwhelmed by a sense of happiness and fulfillment. There have been many supposed sightings of Rainbow Bears, primarily by Obsidian Bears living close by the rumored location of Rainbow Cloud City or Iron Bears traveling in search of the truth. But the Gold Bears, the wisest of bears, have gathered no scientific proof for their scholarly records. The legend of the Rainbow Bears has been passed down by generations, making it challenging to unravel fiction from history. Regardless, the tale of Nirva and the Rainbow Bears is enough to inspire all of HappyLand to transcend the mundane and strive for joy.”