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Rose Gardens

“The consuming scent of rose hangs over the northernmost territory of HappyLand. Rose Gardens is inhabited by 660 Rose Bears, whose soft gummy bodies make for lots of snuggles. Rose Bears are romantic by nature and mate for life. They live by the philosophy that with their partner by their side, everything will be okay. Rose Bears are seen as romantic experts and trade their waxy roses to interested parties throughout HappyLand. The scent of these flowers is said to be a powerful aphrodisiac, although the scholarly Gold Bears believe this to be a placebo effect. After all, a romantic gesture shows affection. That is all a Rose Bear needs from their mate to spark a night of snuggles. Rose Bear cubs are sometimes embarrassed by their parents’ public displays of affection, but as they grow up, they come to understand the respect shared between partners. Knowing one can find refuge with an understanding mate makes life a little easier.”