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Toquerville Valley

“Don’t judge a HappyLand Bear by their cover. The deep green bears of Toquerville may seem unproductive to some, but their beloved herbal medicine provides them with a sense of gratitude. When hunting and gathering become stressful for the Mary Jane Bears, they take a minute to pause. They remember that even though berries are scarce, fish jump in the stream. They walk through nature with a feeling of connection and gather strength from plant life. Their goal is to share this sense of peace throughout the community and its lush, verdant landscape. All 420 Mary Jane Bears look forward to the end of the day. They curl up with their families to share in the medicinal benefits of the fuzzy green hemp that grows wild throughout Toquerville Valley. Mary Jane Bears enjoyed this ritual so much they smoked themselves into a sleep coma and completely missed The Battle of Cotton Candy Desolation.“