Project Update 003

December 30, 2021

Written By: Joe-GM



A Year in Review for Happyland 2021

With the new year coming up, I would like to take a moment to reflect upon the path Happyland took this year from its inception until now.

We take this dive back because we want to remember all the hard earned triumphs we've accomplished, as well as the hard learned lessons from our mistakes. It wasn't all perfect, it wasn't all terrible - we live, we learn, and we improve.

We also couldn't do it without the love and support from our Happyland Gummy Bear community. You are the only reason to keep going, otherwise - there would be no one to continue to develop this brand and community for. Happyland is only as strong as the citizens within - and we continue to commit to an ambitious 2022 attempt to build upon what was started this year.

Happy New Year from your HLGB Team

Happyland 2021 In Review

June 2021

Scary.Kid and KMoney dived into the creation of the Happyland Gummy Bear concept. NFTs at the time was just starting to heat up, and they learned as they went, and jumped in with both feet.

The Gummy Bears are afflicted with traits of pain, but their faces remain well composed in resilience relaying a message that "Life is hard. You can be in pain, but you decide if you want to suffer."

HLGB embarked to spread positive vibes into the world.

   HLGB Logo at Launch
August 2021

HLGB was released as a free mint, which meant that the project gained no funds from the minting of the project and whether or not the founders would be made whole from their expenses poured into the project was entirely in the hands of the NFT community.

The project sold out in 10 minutes and nabbed its first eth of trading soon after. The launch was a success!

September 2021

With a limited team of just Scary Kid and KMoney, they embark on accomplishing roadmap 1.0.

Notable Events

  1. HLGB community donates $25k to Mental Health America.
  2. A first of its kind utility partnership was formed with Cryptospace through Puglord, a heavy supporter and fan of Happyland that continues to be developed upon to this day.
  3. Release of companion NFT Wummy Gurms collection to raise funds for an airdrop due for Halloween (Success) & Christmas (delayed).
  4. Release of Built Different collection for heavy supporters to take ownership of our future bear dens.
Derivative Art Piece
October 2021

Tragedy hits as NFT mania hits an all time high, breaking the bubble, and drying up the liquidity in the industry - depressing the floor prices of NFT projects across the board.

HLGB community continues to emphasize the need for utility to be developed for HLGB NFTs in order to stand out in an ever crowding space just a month or so post launch.

Notable Events

  1. Joe-GM and Krakalakas are appointed Community Manager to host events and keep community engagements as activity dips after the minting honeymoon.
  2. Successful airdrops to 750+ holders of both original collection and Wummy Gurm NFTs on the Polygon Network.
November 2021

Deep into NFT winter, and just after accomplishing the monumental task of the Halloween air drop, Scary Kid and KMoney passed the reigns of the project to Joe-GM to begin HLGB's utility development. Scary Kid remains to be an advisor and NFT holder of HLGB to this day.

Notable Events

  1. Minecraft Treasure Hunt was hosted by Scary Kid for all holders where 10 unique fusion NFTs were given away to winners who found the loot! Event also acted as a capstone for the completion of roadmap 1.0.
  2. Project leadership change to community members Joe-GM, DeanCorleone, & Lalalala (David).
  3. An utility-centric Roadmap 2.0 is released with a focus on member wellness and brand development for HLGB.
  4. Concept for community sourced HLGB Comics was developed and prototype is underway.
Minecraft Treasure Hunt 2021
December 2021

The newly appointed HLGB team takes on the task to build HLGB's brand IP and utility as laid out in their roadmap.

Notable Events

  1. Refresh of HLGB's branding complete with a crowdsourced Logo and website developed in-house by the team.
  2. HLGB Comics saw its first crowdsourced submissions for content. However there were setbacks in the crowdsourcing of the illustration of the comics (currently ongoing).
  3. Partnership development with sports management firms BDA/WME to produce NFT gifts for their clients in US professional basketball leagues results in Happyland Ballers Collection being released.
  4. Partnership development with Refined Muscles, a wellness outfit operating out of New York City (Details pending).
HLGB NFT Gifted to Luka Dončić
2022 Aspirations

As 2022 draws near, the HLGB team has their work cut out for them. With some plans on the board, and many more that cannot be shared yet, there is much to look forward to in the new year.

Notable Objectives

  1. Continued development of HLGB Comics and relevant content.
  2. Launch of Happyland Media Broadcasts (name pending) to cover community growth in Crypto/NFT education and as well as wellness topics.
  3. Obtain additional partnerships to provide benefits for HLGB NFT holders.
  4. Merch store development and launch.
  5. And more... Roadmap Here

Thanks for Reading!

We really could not keep doing this without your support and continued involvement within our community.

The HLGB team thanks you humbly for your interest, contributions and belief in our ability to make our community worthy of your time.

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