Happyland Gummy Bear

Detailed Roadmap

Directive One: Member Wellness in Finance and in Health

Happyland is fiercely community driven and we are in it for each other. We want our members to be the best they want to be while providing a network of support and advantages to push one another farther.

Directive Two: Value Generation for our Community

Using its resources, Happyland will develop revenue engines in order to fund utility and benefits to our community members.

Find our plans in the details.

Near Term Roadmap

Last Updated: 12/15/2021



Community Empowerment

Organization Development

Identify active contributors within our current community and empower them with roles and responsibilities to help us build the Happyland Project.

Every NFT holder is an owner of our community. The value of our membership NFT is derived from the efforts of our members.

Accomplished 12/15

Happyland Rebranding

Marketing Development

  1. Logo Contest: Community created logo refresh.
  2. Website redesign in order to highlight our new roadmap and project direction.

Accomplished 12/10

Building Brand IP

Utility Development

Gamification of community efforts in order to motivate the production of a weekly comic.

HLGB Comic is the start of our IP development.


Production of Happyland Broadcasts

Utility Development

Organize and plan production of a weekly live show covering topics of life, finance, physical & mental health. Topics are community driven to provide most benefit to members.

Our shows are open to everyone live to promote our community.

Finished episodes will be summarized, edited, and added to a library as a benefit for our NFT owners.


Not Started

Community Partnership Network

Utility Development

Our community is full of people from all walks of life with many connections that can potentially help Happyland.

A roll call will be made to gather information about our community and what individual members may be able to offer Happyland as a whole.

Example: If community member X runs an advertising agency - they may be willing to be a part of our live show to share their expertise.

They could open up their business to our community by providing NFT ownership benefits such as addons or discounts.

Not Started

Comic Production Ramp-Up

Utility Development

With a list of topics ready to be written by our community and a list of artists ready to produce our comic series - it will time to switch it to a higher gear and produce a weekly product for everyone to consume.

We will continue to try to attract artists to our community as we continue to reward them for their work with NFTs m

Not Started

Happyland Broadcast Updates

Utility Development

  1. Take community votes on upcoming topics to be discussed.
  2. Search for relevant subject matter experts for each show.
  3. Engage our community marketing team to push our Broadcasts out.

Not Started

Website Updates

Organization / Marketing Development

  1. Add ability to view our Happyland Broadcast on website.
  2. Create a Membership Benefits section for our NFT owners.
  3. Add a gallery showcasing current and previously released HLGB comic work product.

Not Started

Community Builder Role

Organization / Utility Development

Empowerment of active community members that would like to organize and run community activity nights. Activities funded by Happyland, fun fueled by our community - all are welcomed.

Not Started

Social Media Advertising

Marketing Development

Once we have a running show and comic, we can start to sponsor our content releases on Instagram and twitter in order to gain a larger following for our work product.

A larger following opens up monetization as well as partnership opportunities with outside organizations (NFT communities, established companies, etc).

Mid Term Roadmap

Last Updated: 12/15/21

EST: Q2 2022

Merch Store Rollout

  1. Community Fueled Designs.
  2. Production of HLGB Merch assets.
  3. Construction of store and integration into Happyland Website.
  4. All profits from merch sales are given back to the community wallet.

EST: Q2 2022

Den Group Introductions

  1. If the community organically grows large enough - we will create more specific places for topic conversations as appropriate.
  2. Start to develop utility for being a member of each Den Group by approaching businesses that are appropriate for the Den Group.
  3. Encourage networking events at the Den Group Level.
  4. As our numbers and strength grow, it will be easier to negotiate partnerships with businesses.

EST: Q2 2022

Community Art Initiative

  1. Attract art talent with profit share on merch sales to the general public.
  2. Run community contests to determine graphics found on our merch line.
  3. Memorable art will be used to seed community airdrop when complete.

EST: Q3 2022

Production of HLGB Animated Series

  1. Obtain sponsors to supplement investment of our show.
  2. Produce 5 episodes for our half season.
  3. Evaluate metrics of success.
  4. Produce 5 episodes more for full season.

Long Term Roadmap

Last Updated: 12/15/2021

Our Plans for the "Metaverse"

The metaverse has become a 'buzz-word' of late and we are not here to hoodwink you. We believe the metaverse is coming, but implementation and realization timeframes are unknown right now. We do not want to expend the budget and effort to build a metaverse home for our community to have nobody use it.

With that said: here are our plans for the Metaverse.

Release of New NFT Collection (Subject to change)

  1. Release of 3d HLGB Avatars that will help fund the purchase and development of Meta-lands.
  2. 3d assets will be included with every NFT.

Opening up Shop in the Metaverse

  1. Creation of metaverse-related business model to generate income within the metaverse / create land utility.
  2. We do not know what will be needed in the future, whether it's a game, or a virtual merchant store. We hope to have community funds to invest in a way to be a integral part of the Metaverse experience.

Bear Den Introductions

  1. If the community organically grows large enough - we will create more specific places for topic conversations as appropriate.
  2. 20 dens/communities in total, along with den groups, and a general chat for Happyland Nation.
  3. Start to develop utility for being a member of each Bear Den by approaching businesses that are appropriate for the Bear Den.