Project Update 001

December 21, 2021

Written By: Joe-GM



Introducing your new Happyland portal on the web.

Happyland's fresh new look is more than a face-lift. Our development team has done some serious soul searching about what we want our NFT community to stand for, and what unique utility we will plan to provide to our community members.

Our new website will serve as a portal to Happyland used to attract new members as well as being utilized heavily by our current community.

It is with great excitement that I detail out some of the features and plans being implemented on with our new website.

New Logo

Our new logo was forged from within our community. We held a contest and fielded quite a few submissions, but ultimately Bai's contribution was chosen by our community NFT owners.

Keep Up To Date With HLGB

We realize that members may be pretty busy with their own lives and not be able to keep close tabs on our community. Our work has just started, and we will continue to build and add benefits and utility for being a part of this community.

Join our mailing list to get our announcements delivered to your inbox monthly. We hope that it keeps all of our members, no matter how casual, informed of the changes we have brewing and perhaps entice them to join our community events, and partake in our community benefits.

An Honest Progress Tracker

Our Roadmap tab is designed to be kept up to date so that visitors can see lite details of the where we are going in the next few weeks and months to see if holding our community NFT is that is right for them.

A Deeper Look

Our Announcement section generally gives the heavy details on the workings of our community and team in real time. There are three current categories planned for this section.

  1. Project Updates - As we reach our developmental checkpoints and milestones & updates will be disseminated here.
  2. Community Events - A thriving community includes good reasons to come and interact with each other frequently. Community events will detail out all the upcoming shows, AMAs, gaming events that we have on the calendar.
  3. Partnership Updates - Part of our goal to continuously add benefits to our NFT owners is to engage upon new partnership opportunities for our members to take advantage of. This section will maintain connection and developments with our partners.

More Updates Coming Soon

This is just the beginning of our web portal. There's so much more we want to develop here as we believe this supplemental community space is essential to our success in maintaining relationships between our community members as well as attract new comers to our community. Here's a quick look at the roadmap for this website still coming over the next weeks and months.

  1. Our Collections Page - We have quite the few collections. A quick run down of them and what they stand for so everyone can decide which is best for them and the benefits attached to each.
  2. Friends of the Den Page - A page dedicated to our partners to display the additional benefits we have as NFT holders of our community.
  3. All About Happyland - What is our lore and how does it connect to our community? Who are the people actively developing HLGB - what experience do they have? What does HLGB stand for as a community; what are our values / what is our mission? This section serves as the "DYOR" section of our website and is aimed to give all the relevant information for any newcomers interested in joining our NFT community.
  4. HLGB Community Broadcast - Ad-Free live-stream hosting of our community broadcast, a live-show with topics and guests directed by our own community. Used as a tool to augment our Twitter Spaces discussions and allow easy onboarding of our website to newcomers to our NFT community.
  5. HLGB Member Portal - Web3 integration with Metamask in order to create a "Members Only" section hosting articles and talks following our community broadcast show. This section over time will host a wealth of useful information adding up to an immense knowledge base that serves as a utility benefit for being part of our NFT community.
  6. Merch Shop Integration - An obvious addition to our website once traffic metrics are high enough to benefit the development of our merch store.

Thanks for Reading!

We really could not keep doing this without your support and continued involvement within our community.

The HLGB team thanks you humbly for your interest, contributions and belief in our ability to make our community worthy of your time.

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